Welcome to Ray of Light Shop, where we’re all about spreading joy and connection through art. Let me tell you a little bit about our story.



My name is Alaina Pompa, and I come from a mix of places -I was raised in the dairyland of Wisconsin and seasoned by the salt and sun in Florida. I have recently returned to my birthplace on the prairie in Kansas.

I think deeply and study constantly. My work reflects a mindful, contemplative lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. I explore the humor and complications of being human, but I always keep the hopeful optimism of a life grounded in faith



While studying graphic design in college I fell in love with letterforms, shapes, and creating well-organized pages. I landed a job in advertising, but soon after, left to take care of my little munchkins. Although I enjoyed this new role, I missed the playful, creative side of myself and I was so over staring at a computer screen. I longed for the therapeutic process of making art with my hands. So, I dusted off my old supplies, gifted myself some watercolors and a set of micron pens, and reignited my passion for art!

Nowadays, most of my work is still created offline. My collage process begins by painting or monoprinting stacks of paper. Then I cut or tear the papers and arrange them into images or words or sometimes both. I also transform everyday objects into bright and playful oil paintings. My linocut prints feature scenes from childhood begging time to slow down. 

Seeing people connect with something I've created is so rewarding! They often share a story or a smile, and that's when I know I've done something right! It's a small step in breaking down the walls of loneliness and isolation, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

I currently live in Wichita, KS with my husband, three teens, and a very spoiled cat.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey. Feel free to reach out on my connect form to learn more or get in touch for a future project.